Eat Local Thunder Bay

    Mmmmm, Local!

    Eat local Thunder Bay! Buying from local suppliers is important to Fox on the Go and Fox on the Run for so many reasons:

    • Keeps Dollars Local – We support local businesses because it keeps dollars local.
    • Keeps Us Local Strong – As the COVID pandemic has shown us, being self-sufficient – especially when it comes to food – helps us weather bad times. Plus, the more we support our local economy, the more likely more local businesses will start up.
    • Improves Our Environment – The more we can buy local goods, the less fuel and other pollutants are needed to get a product from A to B.
    • Improves Flavour and Health – Food grown and produced locally is fresher, can be picked later, and is healthier for you. It also tastes better!
    • Gives Us a Better Connection to Our City and Surroundings – Part of the “Buy Local” movement when it comes to food is that it helps us know where our food is coming from. This isn’t always possible in a climate and region like Northwestern Ontario. But it’s more common than many may think. Why buy potatoes from the United States when B&B Farms is literally just up the road? We are what we eat – and we are Thunder Bay.

    Learn how you can hire Fox on the Go for your next Thunder Bay food truck catering event.

    About to eat a hot dog at a private catering truck event on Loon Lake near Thunder Bay.

    When You Get a Bite at Fox on the Go, You Support Many Local Businesses

    B&B Farms LogoHere is a list of some of the local growers, producers, and suppliers you support every time stop by Fox on the Go for lunch or a snack:

    • European Meats
    • Thunder Oak Cheese Farms
    • Twin City Refreshments
    • Five Star Bakery
    • B & B Farms
    • Maltese Grocery

    Are you a local grower, producer, or supplier and have something that we can add to our menu? Contact Us – we’re always looking for new local businesses to add to this list!

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