Eat local Thunder Bay! Buying from local suppliers is important to Fox on the Go and Fox on the Run for so many reasons:

  • Keeps Dollars Local – We support local businesses because it keeps dollars local.
  • Keeps Us Local Strong – As the COVID pandemic has shown us, being self-sufficient – especially when it comes to food – helps us weather bad times. Plus, the more we support our local economy, the more likely more local businesses will start up.
  • Improves Our Environment – The more we can buy local goods, the less fuel and other pollutants are needed to get a product from A to B.
  • Improves Flavour and Health – Food grown and produced locally is fresher, can be picked later, and is healthier for you. It also tastes better!
  • Gives Us a Better Connection to Our City and Surroundings – Part of the “Buy Local” movement when it comes to food is that it helps us know where our food is coming from. This isn’t always possible in a climate and region like Northwestern Ontario. But it’s more common than many may think. Why buy potatoes from the United States when B&B Farms is literally just up the road? We are what we eat – and we are Thunder Bay.

Find out where Fox on the Go is today or learn how you can hire Fox on the Go for your next Thunder Bay food truck catering event.

Fox on the Go Double Fox Burgers Are the Best!

When You Get Lunch at Fox on the Go, You Support Many Local Businesses

Here is a list of some of the local growers, producers, and suppliers you support every time stop by Fox on the Go for lunch or a snack:

  • European Meats
  • Thunder Oak Cheese Farms
  • Twin City Refreshments
  • Five Star Bakery
  • B & B Farms
  • Maltese Grocery

Are you a local grower, producer, or supplier and have something that we can add to our menu? Contact Us – we’re always looking for new local businesses to add to this list!

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